Maya plugin / 25 Feb 2018
Maya plugin – Material Picker

Here’s a VRED inspired material picker for Maya. Because life it too short to use Hypershade.


Through my short career I’ve seen several people trying to make material picking and assignment in Maya more convenient, but I’ve never considered to tackle that topic myself.  Approximately one week ago Niklas Ekström asked me if I could program a tool for picking and assigning shaders like you do it in VRED.

If you don’t know VRED here’s the deal: You hold M key and click with left mouse button to pick a material from an object. To assign the material you hold M again and click the target object with right mouse button. Awesome right? So that’s exactly what Material Picker does with one small difference. In Maya the right mouse button is reserved for marking menus so Material Picker uses middle mouse button to assign shaders instead.

How to use Material Picker

First of all copy the plug-ins, prefs and scripts from the downloaded archive into your Maya folder (eg. C:\Users\Stepan\Documents\maya\2016\). Watch the video above this article to learn how to assign the Material Picker tool to a hotkey. You can use any other hotkey than M just try to avoid Alt, it seems to interfere with the tool.

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